Moroccan Hair Oil

Hi Beauties
I wanted to talk about this product I got from my last Latest In Beauty Box.
I have heard about Moroccan oil but never got round to trying it, I have used cheaper versions of Argan oil and some are ok but others really don’t work.
So when I noticed this I remembered a hair dresser once saying for it to be Moroccan oil it had to contain at least 70% of the oil. So this seemed perfect.
The 1st thing is the smell, it has to me a smell of holidays, hot sunny places on the beach, it really is inviting.
These oils claim to help protect against daily pollution damage and stress that can really make the hair damaged and dull.  Help reduce frizz and soften dry hair and protect from split ends. Helps prevent hair loss.

I love the feel of this oil on my hair , I use a few drops on my fingers and run it threw my hair. When leaving it to air dry I notice my curls really bounce but using the hair drier my hair is just the same, yes it has tamed a bit of frizz but being a frizz head anyway not much can help it stay smooth all day.
The best thing about this oil is the smell, it smells so good and even after a nights sleep it has that smell. This I think is great if you don’t have time to wash that day.
Now my hair is starting to feel fuller and I am hoping that this protects the loss I am having on my forehead line, because it seems to be reducing quite quickly, but only time will tell on this. I enjoy the fact that I still get the same just washed, bounce, fuller feel even after a couple of days, it really has took a lot of stress out of washing my hair often.

It also hasn’t stripped my hair color but has enhanced the grey ( really it’s silver) it has almost turned white lol, but it looks nice through the curls of brown and shine.
Hair really feels healthy.

This product is used through out salons and many stylists to the stars add this to their clients routine.
So as you can imagine it is expensive. For 125mls I found the cheapest for £28.00/
They offer a few different products in this collection, from repair shampoo and conditioners to shine sprays.  Once I can afford to spend on a but of hair luxury you know where I will be buying mine from.


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