Aldi Makeup, Is It Worth The Buy?

Hi Beauties
I am a little annoyed with myself because I took photos with the makeup on for this blog and I only went and deleted the whole SD card 😦
I have took some photos of the products and can still tell you my thoughts.

I heard Aldi was doing makeup a little while back, but couldn’t get hold of it, that’s the only thing that annoys me about Aldi, they bring some great items out never to be seen again ot they don’t get them out on the shelves in all stores.

Now I am a big fan of the Lacura Caviar skin range, so when I heard about the makeup I really wanted to get my hands on it. Finally after going for a long journey I found a store that had them. ( Would you believe 2 days later they had them in my local store).
So I got straight to work on trying these products out, so I could let you guys know my thoughts.
Ok to I must let you know first that the store only had the shade Amber (300) which I thought maybe a bit too dark, but as I do, I buy it anyway and workout what I need later to make it work for me lol.
Up first Illusion Touch 2 in 1. |Makeup & Concealer.
This threw me because it is rather a big lid for a foundation. Then I remembered someone sending me a photo about the concealer in the lid DUH!!!
So as I thought Amber is a tad too dark for me, but that doesn’t change how it goes on ect.
Foundation is in a glass bottle with a pump, yes no messing about. It comes out a bit thick which had me worried but it goes on pretty nice, it spreads easy , mid to full coverage and almost covered my pores, I say almost as I could still see them but not as much as without. It covered my blemishes but I will add I would have felt better if I was putting color corrector on 1st, but if you don’t have many blemishes or redness you will do well with this.  I wasn’t going to use anything that wasn’t Aldi so I could give it a fair go. Now I was at 1st going to use a drugstore primer but decided against it so possibly with primer my pores would have been invisible. I was pleasantly surprised that there is no orange tone ether. This foundation lasted around 4 hours before I needed to blot it. Again no setting spray or powder. By the 7th hour I checked and I did look a bit too shiny and a little cakey where the foundation was started to clog on my face. But again if I used setting products I think this would be a definite winner for cheap affordable foundation.
Concealer is wet consistency which I find good for people with fine lines. It is not full coverage and did sink into my lines. I definitely need to use color corrector before hand. I am not going to jump about with the concealer as the foundation is great concealer stayed on ok but by 7th hour looked like I had nothing left.
8/10 foundation
5/10 Concealer.
Concealer Pen
Again only shade on offer was Amber (300)
Yes too dark for me but I still tried this.
It is a pen shape with a brush on one end and clicker on the other. Click the end to get the concealer out. This is a little thick for my under eyes but full coverage. It sunk into my lines before I could get my blender to get working. For younger people this would be great. I used it to cover my blemishes as this time I was wearing a foundation that was my shade. It covers spots and blemishes great and stayed in place all day.
Need more shades so people can buy to wear.
Highlighting Trio 01 Rosy glow.
At 1st swatch I thought opps this is going to be very powdery but it may look it but its not, Its smooth and feels almost like silk. I has tiny shimmering glitter, not over shimmering just enough. I didn’t want to contour/bronze with a shimmer so used the blush and highlight. A nice subtle pink that just gave me a subtle glow didn’t look like I had blush on, the highlighter again is subtle just enough to say oooo nice. These are med pigments and perfect for building up or just for a nice natural looking glow.
They didn’t last all 7 hours but that I feel had a lot to do with the foundation moving down my face lol.
3D Effects Mascara.
This got me because I thought is this going to be like those awful (mentioning no names)
mascaras that are suppose to give you lashes so long that you can’t wear your glasses. Well the answer is NO it’s not like them.
It is just an ordinary mascara that coats the lashes. The brush is a little big which is hard when you have deep set eyes, Fiber and fully round. It is a wet consistency and as quickly as you put it on the top lashes it runs to the lower lashes lol. By the end of the day I had little crumb like bits of mascara on my under eyes. It is ok but there is no wow factor, it doesn’t do anything other than coat, it doesn’t lift the lashes or lengthen its just there.
Magic Curl Mascara.
After trying the 3d lashes I didn’t hold up much hope on this mascara and the last product I bought. The wand is fiber, slight curve and medium size. The consistency is a lot better than the 1st and not wet at all. This went on my lashes easy and didn’t touch my lower lashes. It did give some length to my lashes and gave a nice curl so you don’t need a lash curler with this one. It lasted all day, no heavy feeling or lash droop and was easy to take off with water and cloth. No bits of crumbs from this one which is good. This is by far my favorite of them all.
All in all not bad products for the price. I would definitely buy the foundation, concealer pen and curl lash again if they have my shades in store.
Affordable and wearable for all ages especially on a budget. I think Aldi have pulled it out the bag again.


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5 thoughts on “Aldi Makeup, Is It Worth The Buy?

  1. It’s a great idea to have the concealer in the lid like that! Too bad the coverage and finish wasn’t great on the concealer though.
    The Magic curl mascara sounds good and only £2.99? Wow!


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