Aldi Argon Body Oil

Hi Beauties.
Last week I post this picture of the new Argon Oil Range from Aldi.
I have been trying them out to see what I think and feel about the products and are they really going to work for the cheaper prices Aldi charges.
So today is on my opinion o the body oil.
I bought this for £2,99 and as you may know I do like a good skin oil. I had heard so much about argon oil /Moroccan oil for the hair, but not as much for the skin.
Is it really going to have enough Argon oil to help quench the thirst of dry skin.

So let’s start with the smell. it has a very subtle almond smell that just reminds me of holiday smells. The color is an orange  color and consistency is a little runny.
I sampled this on my video and the 1st thing I noticed that it wasn’t like an oil at all, it doesn’t have that film that a lot of oils leave behind, it isn’t greasy, so it’s an easy use and go product.
This can be used both on dry skin or damp skin, I like both, when getting out the shower I rub it all over and can get dressed right away as it really does disappear into the skin quickly. leaving no trace behind.
I have been using this every morning and night on my elbows too, which I do suffer with hard skin there and if I don’t oil regularly they can become sore. As I haven’t been keeping up with my skin care I also haven’t been oiling ether, so this was perfect to try out on hard skin elbows.
After about the 3 day I noticed they had calmed in color, as they are normally quite a dark tone and the softness was starting to come through. On the 4th day I noticed I had a couple of spots which I thought here we go I am not going to be able to carry on using it, but this only lasted the day and was ready for more oil.
Now I use this all over my body when having a bath or shower but unfortunately I can’t use it on the top of my chest. I am very sensitive there and get quite spotty too, this does irritate there. But works fine everywhere else, even after shaving.

For me this is definitely worth the £2,99 and I am actually on my second bottle due to everyone else pinching it.
If you have an Aldi sort near you, why not nip in and give this product a try.


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