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Hi Beauties
So as you know from time to time I get to review products for free & in return I give an honest and fair review. So today’s blog is all about GOPO Joint Health.

I found this to be an interesting one because as I am getting older I have started to get a few different pains that have nothing to do with the likes of arthritis. The doctors always say just take pain killers to help you through it. No thank you doctor I don’t want to rely on pain killers daily.

A few weeks ago these supplements arrived and I got to work, taking notes daily to see if there was any changes and if so how long and if they help.
So let me tell you a bit about them 1st.
:Vitamin C. (sodium ascorbate)
Content per capsule:
3g rose hip powder with 524pg of GOPO (glycoside of mono & diglycerol)
Also provides 40mg vitamin c.
3-5 weeks 3 capsules twice daily.
Maintenance dosage. 2 capsules twice daily.
Taken with water or split capsule and add to food.

Now if your like many of us that don’t want to understand the jargon that comes with all these different products on the market and just want to see if our money is going pay for something to work then read on. Because I could sit here and right about all the in’s and out’s but that’s not what most people want to read.

I got to work straight away, I took the capsules out and popped them in my pill container so I didn’t forget to take them each day.  They are rather large which was a little scary lol.
I didn’t notice any thing at all for the first 8 days, but on the 9th day (remember I wrote daily notes) I felt just a slight less pain in my hip. Getting on/off a high stepped bus for a little person like me hurts especially when what I call a flare up of pain in my hip happens. When it does flare I tend to have to walk around for a while just to almost loosen it and then I walk with a slight limp for a while till it eases.

By day 11 I then noticed even less pain in my hip which really felt good, it didn’t feel as tight and I didn’t need to walk around for as long, I also noticed my wrist not clicking as much, yes I click lol because I spent many ours with my blogging at the computer I started to notice my wrist getting stiff and then clicking, after day 11 it really had change the feel of the wrist and my fingers too, its hard to explain but I just didn’t feel as stiff which in return was less clicking.

After 2 weeks of taking these capsules daily I noticed a big change in how I was feeling when I woke up, I ache I struggle coming down the stairs, I normally take one step at a time, but I have no need to now. I am no longer feel stiff, no I am not pain free every day but I can honestly say the pain is now just a slight dull feel that doesn’t need pain killers. I don’t limp with pain it is just again a dull pain that I do actually forget it is there.

Now 2 weeks ago I stopped taking them as I was going through a family crisis and everything went to pots. after a week of things starting to settle I noticed my hip starting to hurt more again and the limp omg the limp wouldn’t go away. I got straight back on these capsules and I am just starting to feel the ease again.

I have had a side affect to these capsules and that is my toilet run lol. I have IBS and normally anything new in my system causes me agony but actually this has had the opposite affect, it actually has helped me to go easy (yes we are talking about the toilet)
It seems to have helped with ease of going and on a daily bases. I don’t get the painful stomach aches that are a sign that I will be going to the toilet.  At 1st I did worry about this because I thought maybe my IBS will start to cause me more problems but after a few days it just became routine and now I can say yes it is definitely a side affect but a good one for me.

Has this made a difference to my life YES 100%, it has worked far better than some of the brand supplements I have tried over the years. I can honestly say that the rose-hip powder combined with vitamin C is a must for any body but even more so for us with a few years added to us.
I will be keeping up with these capsules & will update if there is any more changes.

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Till next time beauties 🙂

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