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Hi Beauties
Shall we talk about science? No? ok then lol, but we shall talk about salon science 🙂
I few months back I decided to join up for the Latest In Beauty box, a monthly box where you get to choose your own products. While prowling the products I came across salon science a spray for scalp relief. I had a read a decided to give it ago.

Hydrasoothe cooling spray.
:soothes and calms a distressed scalp
:Ultra-hydrating for instant moisture
:Protects against environmental stress.

I tend to use jojoba or moringa oil on my scalp as it really cleans the scalp of day to day oil, hairspray ect. But I don’t always have the time, so I thought this may be a handy thing to try. 1st the smell, it is not a strong smell but I swear it is baby powder, it is so subtle and makes me feel like I have just thrown talc in my hair.

Like everything I try, I wanted to make sure my scalp was ready for it, so I didn’t do my oil that week & to be honest for a while I have had this awful itchy patch on my head, that no matter what I couldn’t get rid of, so now was the perfect time.
I separated my hair so I could see my scalp and gave it a spray, it does slightly wet your hair, so after trying it a couple of times I found if you spray in sections and then use your 2 fingers and in circle movements give a little massage it tends to soak it up quicker.

It leaves a nice subtle smell to the roots but does take that horrible itchy feeling away, after about 3 days of a spray the patch has gone and 4 weeks later hasn’t returned.
I use this maybe a couple of times a week, when I feel my scalp getting irritated & within minutes it feels great again.

There is one down side to this spray and that is the next day my roots do look a bit greasy, but if I don’t have time to wash my hair nothing a good cotton pad wipe on the roots to clean away the oil helps.

A great formula that gives almost instant relief. Ideally I need a travel size one so if I am out and about I can just grab spray rub & go.

Till next time beauties 🙂

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