I Finally Did It

Hi Beauties
Yes I am back 🙂 It has been a very long time since I last blogged, a lot has happened in my life to know really where to start. I have been doing the odd youtube videos but even that took a back seat for a while and I still haven’t managed to get fully back on track there too.
I am back now as I have wanted to get back here in the land pf blog for ages but just couldn’t find away of writing that made sense ( not that I make a lot of sense lol).
Now I am in my own space for blogging, I have a blogging/vlogging room, I am so proud of myself as I worked hard, saved hard and decorated hard to do this room and I intend to be in here quite a bit now doing what I love most and that’s talking to you guys about products I love or hate or well are just ermmm 🙂
My blogging room is the smallest room in my home, my son moved out 6 months ago and is very happy in his new adventure, so once I knew he was settled and wasn’t coming back (hope I am not talking too soon here ) I decided it was time to get this room into my own personal space.

Nearly finished here, need to hook the computer back up, put the mirror up and tidy the wires.
A few bits and bobs on there for now, but this is now where I can store products that have been sent to me or bought to review as well as my Mrs Potts and chip stuff lol 🙂
Still need to paint these units white, a place for peace and candles and storage for my over flow of products 🙂 Added canvas that I made ages ago but didn’t have the heart to let go off.
Last but not least my favourite part of the room, this beautiful frame my daughter sorted out and got me for Christmas.
So as you can see not only have I been busy decorating and almost organising, I know can lock myself away from the hustle and bustle of life and get blogging/vlogging on a regular basis.
I am so looking forward to interacting with you all again and reading great blogs from you.

Till next time beauties 🙂

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