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Hi Beauties
Today I bring you 3 little beauty finds that I have been loving for a few weeks now, they are called  The Ordinary cosmetic skincare by Deciem.
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The Ordinary came to light for me when I was watching a youtuber talk about their primer and how for the price it was good stuff. So as you do with all products you don’t know, you research.
Basically what they have done is stripped back on everything except one thing, the ingredients you actually need. No fancy packaging (even though I love the look) no fancy fragrance, no ingredients that just makes the product up, just good old fashion product in a bottle.
Now this accounts for the price too, because there is no fanciness going into these products it reflex the price to pay. AFFORDABLE.
This is what we want isn’t it?
Well yes now and again I do get drawn in on those fabulous packaging too be quickly disappointed with the actual product and sometimes I love cheap and cheerful.
These are the 3 products I bout.
from left to right, Advanced Retinoid 2%, High-Adherence silicone primer, Hyaluronic Acid 2%,

Advanced Retinoid 2%
Retinoid is used in skincare as part of an anti-aging skincare. and with me being a golden oldie I wanted to try this to see how well it worked against my aging skin.
Ok so with Retinoid you need to be careful of uv rays, so your advised to use this in the PM, also not to use any other Retinoid product along side this.
It comes in a brown glass bottle and a droplet. At night time once I have cleaned my skin I take the droplet and add a couple of drops onto the tips of my fingers. This is a runny consistency and is white so easy to see if its running away lol.
I apply these in circler movements around my face and you can feel it soaking deep in, I normally have to use the dropper twice to cover all my face.
I didn’t notice any change in my skin for the 1st couple of weeks with this product but now it is noticeable, the fine lines haven’t grown out on my crows feet the slight lines on my forehead are almost invisible (still there just not as noticeable) by morning I can feel the even feeling along my skin too.
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Hyaluronic Acid 2%
HA helps the plumpness in the skin and also hydration.
I 1st tried this and my face went red, I worried at 1st but noticed it wasn’t burning or irritating so I carried on using this. You can apply this both am & pm but for me I only use this in the am. This too comes in a glass bottle and droplet. The formula is a bit thicker and clear.I do find this one doesn’t glide on the skin as easy as so I do it in stages, cheeks then nose ect. it soaks in quickly and I feel it gets to work right away. You can feel the skin smoothing as you soak it in and after a while I started to notice that plumpness I had been losing. After a couple of hours my skin felt so soft I couldn’t stop touching it lol, it is as soft as a babys bum.
Now what has changed since using this also is my makeup, my skin feels so good that now I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis, I find I can miss this step as my skin feels great and really does look great.
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High-Adherence Silicone primer.
As I explained this product is how I came to know and love THE ORDINARY Range and I am so glad I stumbled across it. This is silicone which normally doesn’t quite sit well with my skin, it makes my skin shiny and almost slippery. So yes I had my doubts.
I was pleasantly surprised when it came, I squeezed a small amount on to my hand and to my surprise it is like a white face cream, after rubbing it in no shine no slippery feeling, I just felt soft.
This surprised me so off I went to try it on my face, it felt so light and it really did soak into my face like a face cream does. After applying foundation I was shocked to see it seemed like this primer was working as a filler, it gave the foundation an even surface to lay on and didn’t sink into my pores or lines. After 5 hours I checked my face, slight shine but I do have oily t-zone but nothing that a blot wouldn’t fix. I have used this a fair few times now and love it as must as the ones I pay around the £20 mark for. I now also use this primer if I feel I am having a bad day but don’t want foundation to cover up the cracks lol and again works well just using this as your base and nothing else.
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All in all I am so happy about these products that I have now asked for advice on other products to use from The Ordinary range. It really has given my skincare routine another kick up the backside and just in time for the spring weather of o naturel lol. You will be amazed by the prices of these products because it really does feel like I have been down Harley street and had treatment.

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